Occupied Homes

Why stage an occupied home?

How you market your home is different than how you live in your home. It is now a product and needs to be presented as such to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Staging is about creating a positive emotional response and the highest possible perceived value. While home decorating (or interior design) helps to infuse the personality of the client into a house, home staging is about removing individual personality so any buyer feels immediately comfortable in the home.

How does it work?

We start with a walkthrough of the property, looking at your home through a buyer’s eye – which is something often difficult for a seller to do. Your consultation can be a Walk & Talk Consultation (where you take the notes) or you can choose to receive the Basic Consultation: a detailed, room-by-room written report of things you can do to best showcase your home’s assets. Both consultation types will include things like how to best position furniture in a room to make it look bigger, paint color suggestions, recommendations for improvement projects, and what items should be packed away.

If there are several areas of the home that need a “facelift”, we offer a Staging & ReDesign Package to help you get the home up-to-date, resulting in the best possible sale price. In addition to the Basic Consultation with a written report, you will also receive detailed material suggestions and budget options for simple projects. This is not remodeling. We are simply showing the buyer the potential of the home through easy and inexpensive upgrades. You will receive a design board showing examples of what we are recommending (i.e. light fixtures, paint swatches, cabinet hardware, window treatments) and a budget option spreadsheet. Once we have a final budget we then order the items and coordinate the work on your behalf, making the process as stress-free for you as possible. On time. On budget.

For the best possible return on investment, we offer a Deluxe Occupied Staging Package. This package includes all of the above plus the installation of supplemental art, accessories, and furniture from our inventory to help enhance the beauty of your home and appeal to the greatest number of buyers possible.